Greetings from the east my brothers. First and foremost I would like to extend to you my gratitude for allowing me to serve the craft as your Worshipful for the ensuing year. It is indeed and honor and a challenge, both of which I welcome.

Our participation in the Town of Salina Bi-Centennial parade was well received. After some heavy rain, the clouds parted and allowed for the convertible top to come down. Special thanks to Brother Jon Perry for driving, and Brother Frank Rosa for waving at the crowds with me. A short history of our lodge was read at the reviewing stand for the crowd, and our new magnetic signs on the car advertised our website.

Our Veterans and Sojourners Night is quickly approaching. Thanks to Bro. Kevin Razawich for heading up the committee to reach the Brothers for whom this night is dedicated. The date for the event is September 21, be sure to contact the JW for reservations.

Look to our website for updates and news. It is being totally redesigned for easier access and better navigation. It should launch in early September, and we look forward to having a greater resource for our members. . . . or our interesting historical website at

Going forward, I hope to make this a year of change in our lodge. I hope to implement programs that will spur involvement, bring brothers back to the lodge, and recruit new Masons. We are at a crucial point in our history as a Fraternity. It is up to us to reinvent our approach to the craft, modernize our public relations efforts, and further tradition by updating our recruitment methods. If you get involved, I promise you a lot of fun and great results. This is our chance to become a lodge that can lead Masonry into the 21st Century.