Our “Recruitment and Retention” campaign continues to produce results with more inquiries coming in than ever before. Many of these inquiries are being followed up with petitions for membership, and we hope to be initiating a new class before we go dark for the summer. Special thanks go out to our Senior Warden Kevin Razawich for his efforts with the website and social networking connections, as well as his fine work in conferring the Fellowcraft degree at our lodge. Membership committee chairman Bob Bowles has been magnificent in his follow up with inquiries we receive through the website and emails. Thank you both for making our campaign a huge success!

Speaking of social networking….our lodge now has a Facebook page and a Facebook group. If you are unfamiliar with facebook.com, it is a social networking site that has grown exponentially since its inception and has millions of members. The more “friends” and “members” we get on our pages, the more powerful our presence will be. Please visit and join by going to facebook.com and search Liverpool-Syracuse Masons. It will take you to both the page and group. You can leave a message, watch video, or just read the latest words from your fellow member Masons.

Please join us for our Master Mason Degree on April 5th. We will be having our 3rd degree practice at our March 15th meeting to make it easy to participate. We can always use more help…..come and be a craftsman or take a speaking part. If you have never participated in a Master Mason degree this is your chance to experience the degree in a new and rewarding way.

Our lodge will be busy hosting the Liverpool Village Easter Egg Hunt this spring. It is an annual event that draws more and more families every year. If you would like to participate or help out at the event check our website for details.

Our education initiative for new and existing brothers continues as a part of our retention effort and is aimed at educating our new brothers in the symbolism, history and etiquette of our fraternity as well as introducing them to the duties of the officers. If your lodge would like to have new Brothers attend we would be happy to accommodate them.

For a complete schedule please check our website www.syracusemasons.com.

Exciting changes are underway at our lodge. We are spreading the beneficent influence of Masonry in the lodge, out in the community, and on the web. We encourage each of you to come back to Blue Lodge and be a part of our rebirth into the twenty-first century. We are redesigning our methods to grow the Fraternity in a new digital world and we need both your help and ideas.