Greetings Brethren,

Welcome back. I am grateful to have earned the confidence of my fellow
Masons to be elected Worshipful Master. This year will focus on
education and uncovering the deeper elements of Freemasonry. Our first
meeting will be Sept. 19.

We’ve remained active during the summer. Each Monday evening, during the
park concerts, we’ve begun selling funnel cakes with some success.

Oct. 5th will be our Veterans and Sojourners Dinner with RW Richard
Morley (Senior GW) as the guest of honor. Mark this on your calendars
because he is from Central NY and in line to become the Grand Master for
New York. We’ll be gathering at 6pm and begin dining at 6:30.

The new Northstar program has garnered some eager candidates, so the
Trestle Board agenda for Oct and Nov will likely be switched until the
Spring, making room for our three degrees.

Then Dec. 5th, come show support for our official visit by VW William
Toth (Onon District AGL).

As we gear up for this year, check out this Operative Mason’s Wage
Statement (circa 1400) I discovered at

Let’s also speculate on the future of Masonry: What is our role in the
21st century?

W. Geoffrey Linehan
Worshipful Master
Liverpool-Syracuse Lodge# 501