Fraternal Greetings my Brothers!

On October 4, our lodge put together an excellent Second Degree for 5 new Fellowcraft brothers.  Should you have a chance to see any of these new Fellowcraft brothers, be sure to share some kind words with them.  I would also like to thank those brothers who stepped in for parts of the degree for those brothers who were not able to attend.

Monday, October 18 was our Official Visit.  I would like to thank the Official Family for sharing the New York Grand Lodge’s current vision.  I would also like to thank R.’.W.’. Richard Torrey for allowing the Lodge to be lowered to the second degree so that our newest 5 Fellowcraft Brothers were also allowed to join the meeting.

On Monday, November 1, the Lodge had a lecture on “The Length of your Cable Tow”.  This meeting also culminated with a launch of a small mini-series of publications entitled “Why I became a Mason” and will feature short descriptions of individuals from the past and present who will share some of the reasons as to why they joined this fraternity.

Additionally, on Monday, November 18 we will be performing the Third Degree for our 5 new Fellowcraft brothers.  This marks a perfect opportunity for those brothers who have been desirous in returning to meetings and helping out the craft.  An individual does not need to be an expert ritualist in order to help perform in the work and instruction of the lodge.  These brothers are not just members of our lodge, but also members of the craft as a whole.  If you find it within the length of our cable tow, please make every effort to come out and support the newest members of the craft on this evening.

Finally, on December 6 and a Special Communication on December 13, we will be hosting First Degrees for our newest of some 12 Petitioners.  Please mark your calendars and come out and support this next group of duly and truly prepared men.

Our membership committee continues to work diligently to track down those few remaining Brothers who are in danger of being dropped for non-payment of dues.   Those brothers who are in danger of being dropped have until December 31 in order to pay their dues before being dropped.  If you are in arrears and/or in danger of being dropped, please make an effort to contact us and let us know.   

Stay tuned for further updates here in The Word.  Also, check us out on the web at  You can also find instant updates on what is going on in the Lodge by checking out our Facebook page which can be accessed directly off our website or by going to  There are also many interesting new pages on our companion Historical website at  These articles can be found in the Masonic History section of the site. 

W.’. Kevin L. Razawich