Spring is here! Our lodge raised 5 new Brothers this month to the Sublime degree of Master Mason. We had a wonderful program by our very own VW.: Norm Kruth as well. I cannot tell you how privileged we are to have such an amazing array of knowledgeable and skilled Brothers, whose talents we constantly draw upon. Our focus this year has been on Masonic Education and Brotherhood. Both of which we have seen blossom this year. We have a new program ( conceived by our newly affiliated Brother Jorge Romeau) that has anyone with a question place it in a box outside the lodge, then we all try to answer it in lodge. The Easter egg hunt was a huge success this year, with a special thanks to W.: William Schuetz for organizing it. The children including my own three year old daughter loved it! I look forward to more fellowship and Masonic work with all of my Brothers as we look to wrap this year up.

W.: Christian Woodhead