Greeting Brothers!

My tenure as Master is wrapping up and the lodge I can say is in great hands for next year. It has been a true privilege for me to represent and serve the lodge this year. I hope that our Brothers to have attended meetings this year derived some pleasure and satisfaction from the increased educational programs and after lodge fellowship. I know that I have, and I plan on participating next year as well. Our recently raised Master Masons are already placing themselves as integral members if the lodge.

As I have mentioned before the response to Brother Jorge’s new Question Box has been great. One of the questions which seems rather simple is “What makes you a master Mason”. While it seems on the surface as simple as “my obligation,” during our meeting we had several brothers share their thoughts and experiences. The answers we came up with were awesome! In the end we found that we had to look no further than the Brothers around us that work so hard to keep our fraternity what it is. Especially our treasured DSA’s. Being a true Master Mason is found in your actions.

Stay well Brothers!
W.: Christian Woodhead