Happy New Year from your brothers at Liverpool-Syracuse #501!

While we are enduring a frozen wonderland outside, inside the lodge we are starting to do more and more educational programs. We are lucky to have such an eclectic group of experienced and knowledgeable brothers at our lodge. Bro. Geoff Linehan gave a fantastic presentation on the Kabbalah (“tree of life”) and Masonry. Next month we are looking forward to an “introduction to concordant bodies” presentation by our venerable Chaplain the V.’.W.’. Norm Kruth. Our lodge is very fortunate to have many distinguished brothers that are very involved in the higher levels of these bodies. We look forward to hearing from them as well. This should be of particular interest to the newly raised, and any other brother who wishes to learn more. Jan 20th we put on another fantastic first degree, as always we welcome brothers to participate in our rituals or to join us for fellowship. I would like to thank all the brothers that helped me get through this year so far, and to all a happy and prosperous 2014 to you and your families.

Christian Woodhead