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Liverpool Syracuse Lodge No. 501 Worshipful Master Geoffrey Linehan


This is the online home of the Liverpool Syracuse Lodge No.501.

Within our site you'll find information on news, events, our history, and other informational resources. Feel free to explore our online home and to contact us to learn more about the world's oldest fraternal society.

Veteran and Sojourners

Liverpool Syracuse 501 Brothers,

Our first meeting in October is our Annual Veteran and Sojourners Meeting, there will be a dinner with a social time starting at 6PM. Our guest of the evening will be our Senior Grand Warden RW Richard Morley who will make our presentations. Diner consists of a choice of chicken, roast beef or pork, cost is $15 per person. Make your reservations through our Junior Warden Tim Hansen. We have presentation's to make to several local Brothers including 9 celebrating 5 years in the Fraternity and Brother celebrating 70 years.
Plan on coming out and congratulating and wishing our Brothers the very best, hope see you there.

October 2016 Word Article

Greetings Brethren,

This Fall will be a good time to become involved with our Lodge. We will host an official visit for DDGM RW William Toth on Oct. 17th. Then our next meeting, Nov 7th, we will be inducting several candidates as Entered Apprentices. Our second meeting in December will be our annual Christmas Party on the 19th. All are welcome. Stay tuned for more info in The Word and if you haven't been receiving emails from our Lodge Secretary, please contact me at geoff_2007@verizon.net.Read more